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About Us

Stamina MD’s objective is to enhance your charisma and sense of well-being by providing you a rejuvenated and natural appearance.  Every patient that comes to our clinic receives a full medical assessment of their face.  We determine a personalized injection plan after eliminating any medical contraindications.  We understand that each face is unique. As we age, we lose facial volume resulting in laxity of the skin and deepening of facial lines and wrinkles. Many factors influence the appearance of your skin and the structure of your face.  Thus, a tailored approach allows unique corrections of your face to enhance your natural beauty and help fade away signs of aging.


Our mission is to personally guide you with our medical expertise and artistic eye to not only improve your appearance, but also enhance your charisma.  We value natural results and always guide you to never look overdone. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel more confident and this radiance reflects on us and around us. We like to call it the Stamina MD® glow.

Dre Marjorie Tremblay Stamina MD

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